Bracelet for Golfers

Handmade in Austria

Every change starts in the head. Calmness, balance, concentration, mental strength and belief in your own skills are essential for a successful game.

This change is immediately visible when wearing the bracelet. A simple test (see Video Golfband) will tell you whether a person is within the center of their being – their equilibrium that is.

Those golfers who have found their inner balance – their inner center – are experiencing a better and safer game.

Many golfers know that a perfect stand is very important. Our golf video below illustrates this very well.

The golf bracelet made by WENDESTEIN not only gives you a secure footing, but also reaches your personal rest and concentration phase very quickly. This can then be kept over a longer period.

These conditions are essential for safe and good golfing.

This inner balance is very important for a good game of golf.


The perfect gift for him and her

The golf bracelet is handmade in Austria (Klagenfurt).

The particularity and effect lie within the bracelet. A cavity (channel), which extends over the entire length of the belt, is filled with natural amber granules, about 50 million years old. This granulate (looks like very fine sand) is mixed with special natural fluids (like Bach flowers).

The amber in connection with the liquids has a special effect on organisms (humans, animals, plants). Depending on the mixing ratio, organisms can be influenced.Based on these findings, we have developed a special bracelet for golfers.


The perfect gift for him and her.