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Located in the stone circle of Stonehenge

Why do certain places exert an inexplicable attraction on us humans?

Perhaps because they are magical places of unfathomable energy, scenes of historical tragedies or sources of hidden forces. Legacies of an earlier era, which fascinated us for over thousands of years.

In these places people have gathered in early times to advise, to pray and to celebrate. Even today, in times of upheaval, people recharge their energies here and find inner peace.

WENDESTEINE, stone circles made of megaliths characterize these places of power such as in the Saarland or in the British Isles. No other mystical and legendary place captures fantasy and scientific speculation more than Stonehenge. People have rediscovered the ancient time of the big stones. Esoterics, druids and healers make a pilgrimage to this gigantic circle of stones to fathom its stony, mysterious message and to draw strength.

Josef Roysky: “The idea was to bring our WENDESTEINE into the circle of the megaliths of Stonehenge in order to charge them with the energy of the big brothers. The presence of the giant stones and the silence were overwhelming. I entered the area, strode to the center of the stone circle, spread the WENDESTINE and several significantly larger natural amber nuggets, so-called mother stones, on a linen cloth, letting them absorb and store the spirit and energy of this powerful place. A moving and unforgettable hour for me and my companions. “