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Enriched with the power of Lourdes waters

Lourdes – the source of origin is one of the seven holy waters. For decades people from all over the world have been making a pilgrimage to this place, where numerous medically unexplained healings took place. Light waters, also called Marien waters, are extremely rare spring waters, which naturally arise in different parts of the world and have special characteristics. According to current knowledge water has the ability to store and transmit information.

Every living organism responds to light waters – humans and animals as well as plants. In Europe alone, there has been a great deal of experience with light water in recent decades. The results are remarkable.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Lourdes, a limited series of 5,000 WENDESTEINE was washed on the spot with the special spring water of Lourdes. The “Limited Edition Lourdes 2008” is an ideal gift for loved ones, family members and deserving employees. Or a collector’s item for people who are looking for the extraordinary.

France, Lourdes, worship at the Grotto of Massiabelle

– 09.05.2006.

Note on the workmanship of the flatterers and pendants: The shape, color, size, weight and transparency of the WENDESTTEIN (amber nugget) varies – each amber nugget is a unique piece of nature and therefore unique in form and color. Each WENDESTEIN “Lourdes” is delivered including packaging and certificate. With or without bore and lasered “W”. Washed in the spring water of Lourdes.