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  • Natural amber in baroque cut extravagante. Selected amber custom build for WENDESTEIN Collier for babies.
  • Chain length including clasp 31 cm (+- 3 mm)
  • Denier 1 mm
  • Extension elements: Amber baroque cut colorful, Murano glass with symbol “W”, topaz blue, Murano glass round blue, Murano glass karrée.


General information about amber Colliers for Babies

Amber is a very, very light material. At the first you could falsely think it is plastic or something similar. It always feels warm and gives a pleasant feeling.

The necklaces should be removed before bathing and put on after the application of lotions.

The necklaces, in conjunction with violet roots and teething rings, can contribute significantly to teething for the sake of your child’s well-being.

Amber (nugget) placed under the pillow contributed to a significant improvement in sleep for adults. We think that that’s the case with infants as well.


There are no known allergies which amber may causes.

On the contrary: Amber achieves considerable success against allergies. To is to be read in many forums about “Amber Allergy”.


Used materials in a collier for babies by WENDESTEIN

The following materials are used for the various WENDESTEIN amber colliers.

The amber used comes exclusively from the Baltic and is untreated natural amber (no heating – just nature).

The pink Morganite is used for the Amber Colliers for girls. The color pink activates and cleanses the heart chakra, brings peace and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

The light blue topaz is used for the necklaces for boys. It is a gentle, sensitive stone which guides the energy to where it is most needed. It harmonizes the meridians of the body.

The pink balls and hearts, as well as the light blue balls and squares are made of genuine Murano glass. Murano is one of the most famous and exclusive types of glass in the world, coming from an island near Venice, Italy.

The Keshi pearl: The name Keshi comes from Japanese and describes a very small particle. Keshis are saltwater pearls or freshwater pearls without the implanted core of the mother pearl – pure nature. WENDESTEIN uses freshwater Keshi pearls.

South Sea pearls are among the most precious pearls in the world and are considered the epitome of luxury. They grow in the golden-lipped nature of the Pinctada maxima mussel.

The South Sea Pearl used in the Collier for Babies is an Australian cream to gold colored pearl of about 10 millimeters in diameter.


The diamond symbolizes purity. It intensifies the energies of all things it encounters. It is a very creative stone that inspires imagination and ingenuity and clarifies the mind. There are diamonds of all colors. Some WENDESTEIN necklaces use natural black diamonds in briolette cut.

Each diamond weighs over 1.0 carat. In the case of the multi-part necklace, small briolette diamonds are used. These have a carat weight of about 2 carats in the 2-row necklace and a weight of about 5 carats in the 3-row necklace.


The carrier thread on which the amber gap is raised consists of a waxed and braided thread which is made of 100 percent polyester fibers and retains a tension of 90 Newton (see Test Report No. 6961). 90 Newton means that adults can’t tear them apart.

The lock must have a predetermined breaking point and opens automatically under gentle pression. This breaking point is of enormous importance for the safety of your child.