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A cool breeze…

Come with us to the sea! – The fascinating sparkling blue color of the original WENDESTEIN Alligator COBALT bracelet reflects the endless expanse of the ocean. Be at one and in harmony with yourself – the alligator COBALT gives the carrier a feeling of contentment and cheerfulness. Just as if you just hoist the sails of your boat and go out into the sea.

Bracelet Details

  • lightblue Alligator  | lock made of stainless steel | blue adjustment strap made of rubber 165mm / 175mm / 190mm / 205mm / 220mm

What makes an Original WENDESTEIN® Bracelet so special?

The singularity of the WENDESTEIN bracelet rests in the cavity, which bears along the whole length of the bracelet. This cavity is filled with the 52 million old natural granula of the amber stone. An inspection window exists, where you can see the inside. Amber numbers among the most popular stones. The tale says this stone got curative virtue.


The WENDESTEIN® bracelet – Unicum with period and elegance

Both discreet and decent and luxury and noble: The Original WENDESTEIN® bracelet captivate by these four properties. Manufactured from noble materials and provided with a burnished clasp, the WENDESTEIn bracelet let the carrier look always confident and smart. Office routine, during sports, on business trips or for dinner.