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Saint Christopher
€ 89,00
€ 79,00
Schlüsselanhänger ``Saint Christopher``
In our mobile society is the concern about a beloved person part of our daily routine. The Original WENDESTEIN keychain “Saint Christopher” is a symbol for the power of your personal guardian angel, who makes sure that you are safe on your journey.
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Keychain “Saint Christopher”

The key chain “Saint Christopher” by Wendestein accompanies drivers and travelers along all their tours. The “carrier of Christ” as Christopher is referred to, has always been the protective patron of those who set out on a journey. Made by hand, made of stainless steel with its own design of a drawing of Saint Christopher, the key ring is self-explanatory to every person. “Get home well with Wendestein” is engraved on the keychain. Surrounded with a genuine untreated 50-million-year-old natural amber and two pieces of semiprecious stones, this gem is a fantastic gift and a valuable companion at the same time.