Horses can feel your thoughts

Speak through your eyes, do not forget and start a life-long relationship. You have to gain their trust.

Believe in the Accessory for horses by WENDESTEIN

Accessory for horses

Filled with natural amber and added special extracts to it. Your horse is going to thank you.

pferdeschlaufe schwarz
€ 79,00
pferdeschlaufe braun
€ 79,00

Calming effect

Many horse owners told us that their horses become much calmer when they are wearing the Accessory for horses. For example while they are transported or during a tournament.

Natural amber (around 52 million years old) is fossilised pitch. So it is no ordinary stone. Nowadays pitch is often used in medical products.

Pitch has many positive features, which you can find in the natural amber. These features are combined with fine extracts and processed in the Accessory for horses.

The whole backside is filled with natural amber – everything hand made of course – and is closed safety with natural linen.

The Accessory for horses librates the perception of the horse and promotest he natural abilities of the animal.
During tests numerous horses were calmer and less nervous when wearing the Accessory for horses.

The Accessory for horses by WENDESTEIN is fully natural and made for the benefit of your horse.