For dog owners …

Focus on it´s wellbeing. Never without it. You can be sure: It become a longtime friendship.

The Accessory for dogs by WENDESTEIN acts.

Accessory for dogs

Dog owners, veterinarian and others talk about the positive effects of the Accessory for dogs.

„It is a fully untreated natural product. From the veterinarian point of view I can recommend the Accessory for dogs.“

VR Dr. med. vet. Wilhelm Petracek

hundeschlaufe schwarz klein
€ 29,00
hundeschlaufe braun klein
€ 29,00
hundeschlaufe schwarz mittel
€ 39,00
hundeschlaufe braun mittel
€ 39,00
hundeschlaufe schwarz groß
€ 39,00
hundeschlaufe braun groß
€ 39,00

You can find the effect within the product. A cavity is filled with natural amber over the whole backside of the Accessory for dogs, It is combined with finest extracts to reinforce the impact of the natural amber.
Natural amber is fossilised pitch and around 52 million years old. It is told that natural amber has an relaxing effect and enhances the concentration.

Dog owners told us that their animals are calmer, sleep better and have less ticks, when wearing the Accessory for dogs. Furthermore the locomotor system of the dog became better.

All in all the Accessory for dogs can be a good help for the wellbeing of your animal.