Bracelet for Golfers

Handmade in Austria

Every change starts in the head. Calmness, balance, concentration, mental strength and belief in your own skills are essential for a successful game.


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For ladies

€ 99,00

Golf can be brutal

The effect of the bracelet for golfers

For three years our bracelet for golfers has been tested by golfers all over the world. The subjects were able to make different experiences while wearing our bracelet. For example the golf pros: More stamina and much more concentration were two significant effects of the bracelet. Players who list a handicap between 0 and 10 told us that they noticed enhancements in calmness, concentration and when it comes to the contact with the ball. Golfers with a handicap around 25 had the most effective changes while wearing the bracelet for golfers: Based on a more calmness and concentration they were able to hit the ball straighter and over further distances.

Golf players who play with handicap 25 to 36 noticed a better behaviour when it comes to their bounce.

However almost every golfer experienced one big change: Putting was much easier and better. They achieved better putts on the green and all in all a better score in the game.



The mark

The bracelet for golfers produced by WENDESTEIN should serve you as a lead.

What does that mean?

Try to save good hits, indifferent where or when you did them. Stand, calmness, concentration, sway and so on. You are going to recall these memories at the right time. During your preparation both hitting with the driver and the iron. At this time you are completely alone. Only you, your golf clubs and your golf ball.

Every golfer is used to his own ritual. Integrate the bracelet for golfers in your personal ritual. Remember the latest good hits. You are not alone. The bracelet for golfers is by your side. It spends you calmness and concentration. The perfect precondition for a successfull drive and a really successfull game of golf.

The golf bracelet is handmade in Austria (Klagenfurt).

The particularity and effect lie within the bracelet. A cavity (channel), which extends over the entire length of the belt, is filled with natural amber granules, about 50 million years old. This granulate (looks like very fine sand) is mixed with special natural fluids (like Bach flowers).

The amber in connection with the liquids has a special effect on organisms (humans, animals, plants). Depending on the mixing ratio, organisms can be influenced.Based on these findings, we have developed a special bracelet for golfers.

The perfect gift for him and her!