Bracelet for Golfers

Handmade in Austria

Any change begins in the head. Calmness, equilibrium, concentration, mental strength and the belief in your own skills are essential for a successful game.


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For ladies

€ 99,00

Golf is brutal!

The effect of the golf bracelet

In the three-year test phase, the effectiveness of the golf bracelet was tested in various ways. In the case of professional golfers, long-lasting concentration and physical stamina took center stage. With very good players with a handicap of between 0 and 10, improvements in calmness, concentration and regarding ball contact could be seen. For golfers with a handicap of up to 25, improvements in playing were the greatest. Due to the calming phase and the heightened ability to concentrate, they hit the ball more exactly. Thus the swings were wider and more accurate.

For players with a handicap between 25 and 36, contacting the ball was much calmer and precise; their swing behavior  improved. But one great change was experienced by virtually each and every player. No matter what the skill level. Whether professional or beginner: almost all reported that their putting was far more confident and better. The game on the green as well as the score have improved.

The WENDESTEIN golf bracelet serves you as a mental anchor.

What does that mean?

Try to memorize good swings, wherever and whenever you do them. Posture, calmness, concentration, verve, etc. At the right time, you can draw upon this memory. In the preparation phase, no matter whether you use a driver or an iron, you are alone with the ball, the club, the course.

Every player has their own ritual when preparing their swing. Include your bracelet in the ritual. Now recall your memory of the good swing. Think of the bracelet. You aren’t alone. Something is with you that gives you calmness and concentration. In connection with the memory of the good swing, it is the perfect prerequisite for a really good drive. Only with mental strength and a feeling of confidence will you really play a good round.

The perfect gift for her and him.

The golf bracelet is made completely by hand in Austria (Klagenfurt).

The special feature and effect lies inside the bracelet. A cavity (channel), which extends over the entire length of the bracelet, is filled with 52-million-year-old untreated natural amber granules. A calming and concentration-enhancing impact has always been ascribed to natural amber (fossil tree resin). Both are essential ingredients for a successful game of golf. In addition, our natural amber granules are mixed with special natural liquids from root extracts that enhance the properties of the amber.

Based on this knowledge, a special bracelet for golfers was developed.

No matter what someone thinks in the matter of belief (Do you believe in it or not?) – one fact remains: If you are not free in your head, behave hectically and act in an unfocused way, a good game of golf is almost impossible.

The WENDESTEIN golf bracelet has been successfully worn by many golfers – women and men – for quite a while now. It has resulted in a clear improvement in their game.

“The test of stability impressed me when the WENDESTEIN golf bracelet was presented. I have been wearing the golf bracelet for 2 months now and have seen for myself that I feel fitter and more focused while playing round after round than without the bracelet. For me, it is a wonderful complement to my golf equipment, and I’m happy to recommend it.”

– Fredrik Magnuson, Senior Head Pro – Golf Club Föhrenwald – Wiener Neustadt



“I became familiar with the golf bracelet by WENDESTEIN through golf tourists from Austria. I was thrilled by the idea of a golf bracelet and bought one online. Eight months later, I can only report positive things about it and want to join in with the statements on the WENDESTEIN Web site. My customers are also thrilled by the golf bracelet.”

– Bojan Gaberc, Golf Pro – Golf Livada



“The bracelet fits snugly around my wrist. It looks cool and sporty but at the same time classy. In addition, I can make all types of movements when swinging without noticing it. I wear it on the left because I’d like to give my left hand more stability and thus compensate for my strong right side. Ever since I’ve worn the bracelet, I really feel more energy on the golf course. Up to now, it has yielded a better average score. I also played an under-par round since then. I can thoroughly recommend the Wendestein bracelet.”

– Jan Philipp Wishnat, Handicap 2.0


“The idea with the Wendestein bracelet is really fantastic.
The season has successfully started. I’ve worn the bracelet from the very onset, and it’s quite noticeable how much longer I can concentrate.
For me, this equilibrium is very important.
Great wearing comfort as well.

Thanks for the idea.”

– Gerd Wishnat, Handicap 5.0