Collier for babies for boys

Natural Colliers for babies – for the baby´s wellbeing
Baltic natural amber has arisen about 52 million years ago from the resin of the “Goldlärche”.
Resin – the pharmacy for trees and human beings is seen as a remedy of nature and is to be found in many products.

Oval Amber

For Boys

€ 39,00

Baroque Amber

Babycollier für Buben

€ 79,00
€ 159,00

Round Amber

For Boys

€ 99,00
€ 199,00

Collier for babies for boys – exclusive edition

With black diamonds

€ 699,00
€ 1.199,00

WENDESTEIN Collier for Babies with black diamonds

These are special Colliers for Babies which are produced on order. The delivery time is seven business days.
The materials used are high quality jeweller products such as genuine black briolette cut diamonds (round faceted cut), with each diamond weighing over 1.0 carats.

Australian south sea pearls with creme gold color, real Japanese Keshi pearls, blue topaz and morganite, as well as a special creamy-whitish Baltic untreated natural amber in round cut (about 90% round).
The pink and light blue elements (balls, hearts, squares) are produced in Murano (Italy – peninsula next to Venice).

Murano glass is one of the most famous and exclusive types of glass in the world.
The carrier thread consists of a waxed and braided thread, which consists of 100% polyester fibers and withstands a tension of 90 Newton out. (See test report No. 6961)

All Colliers for Babies by WENDESTEIN are elaborately made by hand. This is also the case with the probably most exclusive Collier for Babies made of amber with black diamonds.

Facts of Collier for babies

If you search on the internet for amber collier for babies, you won’t search for long and be overwhelmed with negative, as well as positive opinions and experiences.

There is no scientific evidence concerning the effectiveness of amber. But just because there is no scientific evidence, that does not mean that amber has no effect. Some things are unimaginable. Until it exists.

About the facts: Baltic natural amber developed about 52 million years ago. Amber is a fossilized tree resin, originated from prehistoric conifers (mainly from the amber pine) and is therefore of plant origin.

Resin is the lifeblood of trees. Resin can be healing, disinfecting and protective. Resin is still used today in many ointments. The antibacterial and fungicidal effect is one of the special qualities resin has.

Resin – the pharmacy for trees and human beings is seen as a remedy of nature and is to be found in many products. For example, in wine, the resin of the Aleppo Pine is added to give it a special flavor (Retsina). Resin is used as chewing gum and in dental care. Resin is edible and much more.

Conclusion: Resin is a remedy created by nature and not harmful in any way.
Amber consists of a 100% resin.
Regarding the material amber, there are certainly no concerns about using it for babies.

On the following pages you will learn about amber, dangers, concerns, positives and negatives.
Amber is a testimony of bygone life, an untouched piece of nature that for millions of years has carried the primordial powers of the earth as pure energy.

Does amber have an effect?

As already described, there is no scientific evidence for the effect of amber.

But not only since Hildegard von Bingen people are convinced of the power and effect of stones. Our eleven-year experience with amber is characterized by such positive examples that we – the company WENDESTEIN – have dedicated our lives to this fascinating topic.

The highly motivating and positive reports from WENDESTEIN-amber-users have convinced us that amber is an extremely effective material that can make our lives easier. You are welcome to read some of our reviews under Customer Reviews.

Is a collier for a baby a risk?

In the World Wide Web there is more negative than positive comments to be found. If nothing is worn around the neck, nothing can happen (risk of strangulation).
But the dangers of everyday life are omnipresent, no matter if you are at home or traveling with the baby. With all due caution: Unfortunately, something can always happen.

When colliers for babies are produced correctly, the likelihood that something happens to your baby by wearing the necklace is almost nonexistent.

The risk is minimized so that the benefit – we are firmly convinced amber resin is generally good for your baby, not only when teething – is way better than not even trying.

The decision to dispense with a WENDESTEIN amber necklace or not can only be made by you, because the responsibility for your baby lies solely with you.

What security features does a WENDESTEIN collier for babies have?

  • The carrier thread on which the amber is wound up withstands a tension of 90 Newton.
  • The lock has a predetermined breaking point, which opens automatically with gentle pressure or tension.
  • The optical elements such as hearts, squares, larger balls exceeding a diameter of 5 millimeters are securely fastened by knotting on the necklace.
  • The chain is no longer than 31 centimeters.
  • Although not a security feature, but extremely important: amber must be natural, so it must not be heated.

What should I look for when buying a collier for babies?

Let’s start with the base material, amber.
When purchasing a baby amber necklace, it is essential to pay attention that the amber is untreated, therefore completely natural and has not been subjected to a heat treatment by autoclaving.
Heat treated colliers for babies (up to 300 degrees Celsius and up to 12 hours) no longer have any positive characteristics and are sterile. These necklaces fulfill only an optical purpose but have no effect.

Attention: 98% of the colliers for babies on the market are heat treated and are sold this way. Those treated amber necklaces are not recommended.
All you need to know about amber can be found on our website – click here.
In the video Amber (insert link) you can see exactly how a heat treatment of amber is performed.

Why are the colliers for babies heated?

The reason is an economic one. The sizes of the individual amber pieces in necklaces for Babies vary from 3 millimeters to 7 millimeters.

Amber is a brittle, hard material and breaks easily when drilling untreated natural amber (about 30 to 40 percent failure). However, if the amber is heated beforehand, the failure rate is reduced to zero.

Therefore, untreated amber is always more expensive!

But since every company wants to produce as cost-effectively as possible, the heating of amber is a common procedure when it comes to colliers for babies.
No Name Products, Price range from 10 Euro to ?, without a certificate (it must be guaranteed that it is untreated natural amber) are to be rejected for many reasons.

A description without a certificate does NOT prove that it is genuine amber, because it is almost always genuine. The point is, if it is untreated, it is natural. For example, pressed amber may be sold as real amber, but this has nothing to do with natural amber. On our website you will find the exact explanation – please click here.

Our amber producer (Schleifer) and the WENDESTEIN brand stand for safety and guarantee that the WENDESTEIN Collier for Babies is untreated natural amber from the Baltic States. This will be confirmed in writing in the accompanying certificate.

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