Amber – baltic region and Sumatra


Functions of the WENDESTEIN

History of amber
The history of amber – Wendstein – goes back to the Celtic era. Back then, amulets served as protection against dangers and evil spirits.

The Wendestein in the present time is supposed to protect against everyday dangers, e.g. while driving, at work or during leisure time. Furthermore, the Wendestein helps to lead safely and well through these uncertain times and provides for the protection of your family.
Whenever you want to have someone special protected, the Wendestein is a very personal gift which says: “You are important to me! I want nothing to happen to you and that you are always well!”.

Ziel Veränderung
There is hardly a single person in the world who does not want to change something, might it be at work, in partnership, in health or many other things. In order to achieve this goal – change – and not to lose sight of it, it requires discipline and persistence.
On the other hand, you need a constant companion that reminds you of this goal of change.
Whenever you slip off this path, the Wendestein functions as the anchor, the post it, carried in the pocket or around the neck, to remind you of your goal again.
He is thus a constant companion who helps to create positive changes through positive thinking.
Ill people have the biggest desire for change. Giving them a Wendestein is a special gesture and shows the strong bond with this person.
A gift that goes far beyond the normal extent of a gift. It symbolizes: “I am here for you. You are not alone, and I wish for you to get well again.”
Inneres Gleichgewicht
People feel comfortable when they have found their inner center – their equilibrium.
This is achieved through meditation, mental disengagement, leisurely strolling through the day, or with a Wendestein bracelet.
With the help of the special filling of the bracelet the body immediately reaches the state of its inner balance.
The kinesiological test is proof enough, but ATTENTION: for very few people this test also shows positive results if they only carry a cord or something similar around the wrist. When carrying a product from Wendestein, every person immediately is in their midst – in balance.

Nowadays it is still common for infants to wear an amber necklace as soon as they are teething. The reason for this is that amber has an anti-inflammatory effect and makes teething easier for children.