Our team

WENDESTEIN was found in the year of 2007 and is focused on the product of the natural amber from the baltic region. Around this product unique jewelleries are designed. At first appearence these noble ornaments seem not to be amber at all.

WENDESTEIN established to a considerable brand in the jewellery sector with numerous inventions, which are unique on the market.

30 years of experience characterize WENDESTEIN.

I, Josef Peter Roysky, opened my first jewelry business in Neunkirchen, Lower Austria, in July 1987. This was followed by further locations in Neunkirchen and in Baden near Vienna. Over the years I have been able to conclude concession contracts with various global watch and jewelry brands, such as Cartier, Chopard, Faberge, IWC Schaffhausen, Breitling, to name but a few.

However, the greatest recognition in my thirty-year career have always been the designer jewelry pieces that I created my own.

A sense for forms, proportions and a wide range of inventiveness characterized these jewels. The art of designing has always been to get to the heart of things quickly and to put the visual aha effect in the foreground.

It is this aha effect that flatters every human being and pleasantly touches the fine sensory perceptions.

Until today, new designer pieces are still being created – all unique pieces. To see here on our website.

Peter Roysky

Fifteen years ago, when she joined the sales team as an employee, Karins and my paths also crossed privately. We have been living together for seven years now, very, very happy and it is not an act.

Our many similarities, such as cooking together – full of pride, because we are good cooks – sharing wine, travel and golf (Karin has the better end for herself) contribute to a harmonious togetherness.

In our professional collaboration, the work areas are divided. Karin and her son Lukas lead the office life in all its facets, while I fulfill my task of editing and designing our collections.

Karin Weissenböck

In the meantime, Lukas has become our indispensable expert for online marketing. In addition, he looks after the linguistic appearance, the communication with the print media and the optimization of our marketing. Lukas especially distinguishes his attitude, both privately and professionally. He is ready day and night and, like the rest of the team, is far beyond the norm, eager to lead the company WENDESTEIN into a successful future.

Lukas Weissenböck